what’s in a name?

I started going by “Dani” officially around the 4th grade. The final straw was the 1998 Drew Barrymore film Ever After. If you’ll recall, Drew’s beautiful, feisty, smart Cinderella character is named DANIELLE. My brain short circuited. TOO. GIRLY. My name is Danielle Elise. My parents have differing stories as to its origins. My dad claims thatContinue reading “what’s in a name?”

short hair as a means of devotion

I am on the verge of doing something new with my hair. And, as always, I catch myself in the expectation that this change is going to result in a glamorous, dramatic, complete transformation. That my hair won’t just change but the shape of my face and the color of my eyes and all ofContinue reading “short hair as a means of devotion”

the divine power of fandom

Two very significant things have happened to me over the past two weeks. Or perhaps, in at least one of these cases, I happened to the thing. Unclear. ANYWAY: I put in notice at my job. I finally got around to watching Good Omens.  Here’s how I feel about both of those things: It’s just time.Continue reading “the divine power of fandom”

“i’ve heard it too many times to ignore it”

As usual, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Kermit. In fact, in between sobs a few days ago, I managed to say to my partner, “I feel like I let Kermit down.” In case I haven’t made this abundantly clear: Kermit the Frog is MY HERO. When I first heard “The Rainbow Connection” asContinue reading ““i’ve heard it too many times to ignore it””

re-visiting walter: the greatest fan of all

One of my favorite moments in 2011’s The Muppets, and I have a couple, is when our new friend Walter implores Kermit the Frog one more time to get the gang back together and save the old studio. Walter doesn’t yell or scream or make demands of Kermit. “Please, Kermit,” he says, simply. “You’re my hero.Continue reading “re-visiting walter: the greatest fan of all”

so, i signed up for another half-marathon, or: on not apologizing for our bodies

Years ago, when I was just a wee Apprentice Company member of the theatre where I work, an Alexander technique teacher spent five minutes with me and then told me that I “walked like an apology.” When she said it, the other baby apprentice in the room and I both immediately started to cry.  Recently,Continue reading “so, i signed up for another half-marathon, or: on not apologizing for our bodies”

happy birthday and thanks for everything, the phantom menace

So, today is the 20th anniversary of the initial theatrical release of The Phantom Menace, and, like a lot of nerds, I find myself reflecting on what the movie means to me, if it’s as bad as we all say, and on and on and on. I LOVED The Phantom Menace when I first saw it inContinue reading “happy birthday and thanks for everything, the phantom menace”

i am probably never going to win an oscar, or why i loved thor in endgame so much

When I was in grade school, my very sweet and wonderful and supportive teachers used to write things in my yearbook like: “I can’t wait to see you onstage at the Oscars someday!” Which is a very kind thing to write in a theatre dork’s yearbook. But I also kind of bought it, gang. I’veContinue reading “i am probably never going to win an oscar, or why i loved thor in endgame so much”

the shawarma scene: a “one marvelous scene” essay

With the exception of organized high school athletics, I’ve always been at my happiest when I’ve been a member of a Team. Specifically, a Team with a Mission– something that made us special, abnormal, transcendent even. The cast and crew of a play, the members of a club at a conference or convention, and aContinue reading “the shawarma scene: a “one marvelous scene” essay”

i ran a half-marathon: the fireworks spectacular epilogue

My parents took me to Disney World for the first time when I was just shy of two years old. My favorite story from that trip is of when they bought a popcorn for us to “share.” Yeah, right. I beckoned for the popcorn box, and, “Oh, how cute,” my parents must have thought. TheContinue reading “i ran a half-marathon: the fireworks spectacular epilogue”

another rundisney list for ya, nerds!

TEAM. THIS IS IT. I have one more training run tomorrow evening, and then the next time I lace up my sneakers, it’ll be at 3 am outside of the Magic Kingdom. The Star Wars Rival Run Half Marathon is this Sunday! I’ve logged a lot of miles, shivering and sniffling and sweating and everythingContinue reading “another rundisney list for ya, nerds!”