theatre kids: a love story

It doesn’t matter why, but a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to watch a group of teenagers whom I don’t know be inducted into the International Thespian Society. I watched them have their names called out by their peers, watched them walk across the stage in their professional best– which for one kidContinue reading “theatre kids: a love story”

intrinsic value & the mortality of theatre

When a show’s about to close and I don’t know what’s next for me, I fear becoming invisible. If I’m not making my presence known, whether it’s through performing or blogging or feeling brave enough to show up at parties, then what’s the point of existing? My favorite sign at the zoo is in theContinue reading “intrinsic value & the mortality of theatre”

i am not vivien leigh

Yesterday, with a CVS card loaded up with coupons and a heart loaded up with dreams, I bought some new make-up. I only buy new make-up when I have a show coming up, specifically a show in which I’m playing a role that I’ve decided HAS to be pretty. This Thursday night I’m getting onstageContinue reading “i am not vivien leigh”