on halloween costumes

Childhood. Oh, a Disney princess. Fucking every year. No shame, Disney princesses are great. Adolescence. I vividly remember this one Halloween- I think I was 13?- when I decided I HAD TO BE SEXY. A SEXY WITCH. Fuck, how gross is it that 13-year-olds ever feel like they need to be sexy for any reasonContinue reading “on halloween costumes”

in which the writer is loving aziraphale too much to fall asleep

So, I have some new stretch marks. (I fucking get it, Universe, thank you very much.) On the top of my left thigh, stripes of red stand out against older lines of faded white. So, I am thinking of Aziraphale tonight. I have this great candle from Etsy right now. It smells like “old bookshopsContinue reading “in which the writer is loving aziraphale too much to fall asleep”

short hair as a means of devotion

I am on the verge of doing something new with my hair. And, as always, I catch myself in the expectation that this change is going to result in a glamorous, dramatic, complete transformation. That my hair won’t just change but the shape of my face and the color of my eyes and all ofContinue reading “short hair as a means of devotion”