january 2021 bi, bi, non-bi: stroll into the sunshine

Be forewarned: Parts of this are gross. Love y’all! Happy January Halloween, everybody! Last Halloween was supposed to be my first ever expedition to Universal Studios’ famous Halloween Horror Nights, but, of course, that didn’t quite work out as intended. So, in honor of my dead and decaying dreams, here’s a bunch of nonsense aboutContinue reading “january 2021 bi, bi, non-bi: stroll into the sunshine”

bi, bi, non-bi: the april b-side

(I am lucky enough to have a monthly segment with The Come Up Show Atl. It’s called “bi, bi, non-bi,” and is basically a check-in of where I’m at in my bipolar, bisexual (?!), non-binary adventures. What follows is the piece I didn’t read at April’s show. Thanks for being here.) Hey! I made youContinue reading “bi, bi, non-bi: the april b-side”

bi, bi, non-bi: january woes, or the one with ALL THE PROFANITY

CW: This piece deals with self-harm and just general being a mess. If that isn’t your heart’s jam right now, I understand if you need to go take a break. Greetings, fellow cool kids. My name is Dani, and I am bipolar, bisexual, and non-binary, aka bi, bi, non-bi. These are my adventures. Prologue: Y’all,Continue reading “bi, bi, non-bi: january woes, or the one with ALL THE PROFANITY”