star tours feels or: a super secret sneak peek AT SOMETHING COOL

The World you have entered was created by The Walt Disney Company and is dedicated to Hollywood—not a place on a map, but a state of mind that exists wherever people dream and wonder and imagine, a place where illusion and reality are fused by technological magic. We welcome you to a Hollywood that neverContinue reading “star tours feels or: a super secret sneak peek AT SOMETHING COOL”

fried endorian yip tip: another review/probably a thinly veiled cry-for-help

Okay, yeah, I’m in Orlando right now. (Yeah, I know.) Look, this year has been unrepentant trash, so my best friend and I had a collective pixie dust-fueled anxiety attack and headed South. I am writing this from Universal’s Surfside Inn at the tail end of an epic three days. We are exhausted and sunburnedContinue reading “fried endorian yip tip: another review/probably a thinly veiled cry-for-help”

i have often dreamed…

So, runDisney is officially moving the 2021 Walt Disney World Marathon to a virtual event, which, yeah, is the correct choice. And I have the option to get my money back and all good things. But, honestly, I’m pretty gutted. Which is weird, because I haven’t been running. I was supposed to re-start my trainingContinue reading “i have often dreamed…”

these are your first steps (again)

Hey, remember that time I was supposed to be training for my first marathon? Yeah. So, here’s the thing: I’m still sad. As I’ve mentioned before, I really thought I’d be “fine” by June, the starting month of my original training plan. But I wasn’t. And I’m still kind of not? But I am better.Continue reading “these are your first steps (again)”

’til the spire: a review/complete nervous breakdown

Spoiler alerts for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and content warning for suicidal ideation. *** My journey to Batuu was not an easy one. Wednesday. I just want to die. I feel guilty and miserable and I hate myself so much. You’re a bad, selfish person, I tell myself over and over and over again, and it justContinue reading “’til the spire: a review/complete nervous breakdown”

on the (galaxy’s) edge

Okay, so I’ve had too much coffee to focus on this Good Omens fanfiction that I SUPER NEED TO START ACTUALLY WRITING. COME ON, DANI. But I got to sleep in this morning, and I am a little wrecked right now, and there’s Oreo creamer in my coffee, so LET’S TALK ABOUT STAR WARS.  Because, honestly, Team?Continue reading “on the (galaxy’s) edge”

in which that fireworks show GOT ME AGAIN

I’m not done talking about this, and I suspect I never will be. And they all lived happily ever after. Each of us has a dream, a heart’s desire. It calls to us. And when we’re brave enough to listen, and bold enough to pursue, that dream will lead us on a journey to discoverContinue reading “in which that fireworks show GOT ME AGAIN”

i ran a half-marathon: the fireworks spectacular epilogue

My parents took me to Disney World for the first time when I was just shy of two years old. My favorite story from that trip is of when they bought a popcorn for us to “share.” Yeah, right. I beckoned for the popcorn box, and, “Oh, how cute,” my parents must have thought. TheContinue reading “i ran a half-marathon: the fireworks spectacular epilogue”

free time stresses me out, or how i learned to stop worrying & ride the movies

I hail from a family of theme park people. If given the opportunity to spend a week in any place on the planet, I feel confident that my clan and I would still end up in Orlando every single time. My dad worked in the amusement park business when my little brother and I wereContinue reading “free time stresses me out, or how i learned to stop worrying & ride the movies”