happy birthday, good omens

Because it feels like the end of the world a lot, here in my head. (Forgive me this start. I find myself desperate to write something today. Something Good. Something Meaningful.) I turned 30 years old on May 31, 2019. The summer that followed was among the harder ones of my life. It’s always hardContinue reading “happy birthday, good omens”

why didn’t i know?, or a brief study in neil perry

Why do the things that mean the most to us as kids mean the most to us? (I have a lot of questions lately.) It’s all some grand tapestry of a conspiracy, of DESTINY in my mind: Walt Whitman and I, each coming into the world many May 31’s a part. I don’t have courageContinue reading “why didn’t i know?, or a brief study in neil perry”

the divine power of fandom

Two very significant things have happened to me over the past two weeks. Or perhaps, in at least one of these cases, I happened to the thing. Unclear. ANYWAY: I put in notice at my job. I finally got around to watching Good Omens.  Here’s how I feel about both of those things: It’s just time.Continue reading “the divine power of fandom”

re-visiting walter: the greatest fan of all

One of my favorite moments in 2011’s The Muppets, and I have a couple, is when our new friend Walter implores Kermit the Frog one more time to get the gang back together and save the old studio. Walter doesn’t yell or scream or make demands of Kermit. “Please, Kermit,” he says, simply. “You’re my hero.Continue reading “re-visiting walter: the greatest fan of all”