okay, but for real this time

This isn’t good for me anymore. I am writing myself raw lately, because I am afraid that you will forget about me. (This has always been my biggest fear.) I am double checking my WordPress views and my Facebook likes over and over and over again, because those little thumbs up’s and little hearts feel soContinue reading “okay, but for real this time”

but in dreams/i can hear your name, or: kind of a story about lemon cake

5 From this hour I ordain myself loos’d of limits and imaginary lines (Guys, fuck: is this my book?! In which a pretentious cream puff works their way through Whitman’s collected works? Fuck. … Would you buy it?) Alright. Let’s do this again: Fuck, guys. This needs to be it for a while. I needContinue reading “but in dreams/i can hear your name, or: kind of a story about lemon cake”

on the (galaxy’s) edge

Okay, so I’ve had too much coffee to focus on this Good Omens fanfiction that I SUPER NEED TO START ACTUALLY WRITING. COME ON, DANI. But I got to sleep in this morning, and I am a little wrecked right now, and there’s Oreo creamer in my coffee, so LET’S TALK ABOUT STAR WARS.  Because, honestly, Team?Continue reading “on the (galaxy’s) edge”

(i think this is a) prologue

Not as much has changed as you had hoped, I think. But, on the other hand… hasn’t everything? I found myself short of breath (still) on the bus tonight. The #4, which I have barely taken and which also already feels like routine. This house, this blue room, these pink flannel unicorn sheets… I haveContinue reading “(i think this is a) prologue”

i don’t know. i’m sad.

Breathe. This is what I write to myself in my planner lately: Run (ha, sure, we’ll see, you sad sack), find a job, figure out your fucking shit, get yourself together, stop being such a waste of space, STOP BEING A FUCKING FAILURE, YOU STUPID FUCKING IDIOT. Breathe.  I cannot. I think I might beContinue reading “i don’t know. i’m sad.”

if you want to sing out, sing out, and so i shall (i must)

Sitting here at the bar, reading Walt Whitman, alone. Am I cool yet? (No. No, I am not. To be clear: I am sitting at a booth, and I am drinking lemonade. It is sweet and cold, and I clutch at it with my too-long creature-fingers.) Tomorrow I finish packing up the literal bits ofContinue reading “if you want to sing out, sing out, and so i shall (i must)”

bi, bi, non-bi: january woes, or the one with ALL THE PROFANITY

CW: This piece deals with self-harm and just general being a mess. If that isn’t your heart’s jam right now, I understand if you need to go take a break. Greetings, fellow cool kids. My name is Dani, and I am bipolar, bisexual, and non-binary, aka bi, bi, non-bi. These are my adventures. Prologue: Y’all,Continue reading “bi, bi, non-bi: january woes, or the one with ALL THE PROFANITY”