fried endorian yip tip: another review/probably a thinly veiled cry-for-help

Okay, yeah, I’m in Orlando right now. (Yeah, I know.) Look, this year has been unrepentant trash, so my best friend and I had a collective pixie dust-fueled anxiety attack and headed South. I am writing this from Universal’s Surfside Inn at the tail end of an epic three days. We are exhausted and sunburnedContinue reading “fried endorian yip tip: another review/probably a thinly veiled cry-for-help”

’til the spire: a review/complete nervous breakdown

Spoiler alerts for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and content warning for suicidal ideation. *** My journey to Batuu was not an easy one. Wednesday. I just want to die. I feel guilty and miserable and I hate myself so much. You’re a bad, selfish person, I tell myself over and over and over again, and it justContinue reading “’til the spire: a review/complete nervous breakdown”

on the (galaxy’s) edge

Okay, so I’ve had too much coffee to focus on this Good Omens fanfiction that I SUPER NEED TO START ACTUALLY WRITING. COME ON, DANI. But I got to sleep in this morning, and I am a little wrecked right now, and there’s Oreo creamer in my coffee, so LET’S TALK ABOUT STAR WARS.  Because, honestly, Team?Continue reading “on the (galaxy’s) edge”