what if you were already extraordinary?

When I was in the 8th grade, I saw Dead Poets’ Society for the first time, and I felt like I knew who I was supposed to be. I felt completely validated. I had been right all along about the power and importance of books and plays and poetry and following your dreams. I alreadyContinue reading “what if you were already extraordinary?”

always a kylo, never a rey

I don’t ever intend to make New Year’s resolutions. I have a pretty obsessive personality, so sitting down to list out all of the ways in which I judge I should improve myself in January feels like a bad idea. I don’t need a holiday devoted to contemplating the passage of time PLUS enthusiastic self-improvement.Continue reading “always a kylo, never a rey”

please no talking or texting (for real, i’m begging you)

Going to the movies is my favorite thing in the world. From the time I was a little kid seeing Beauty & the Beast with my mom all the way through going to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 for the second time yesterday afternoon, nothing feels more exhilarating to me than going toContinue reading “please no talking or texting (for real, i’m begging you)”

thank you, carrie

Throughout the winter of 2016, my brain had the capacity to obsess over exactly two things: mental health and Star Wars. In late November, I was unable to anticipate anything that wasn’t either opening night of Rogue One or my first appointment with a psychiatrist. Here was the timeline. On Wednesday November 30, I performedContinue reading “thank you, carrie”