dear imposter syndrome, most kindly fuck off

First of all: I know you nerds are reading this. Carry on. Second of all: Cheese and crackers, what a month! I fell head over heels in love with a new fandom, I came out, I spent an amount of money that I’m not necessarily *not* proud of on my hair… it was a heckContinue reading “dear imposter syndrome, most kindly fuck off”

what’s in a name?

I started going by “Dani” officially around the 4th grade. The final straw was the 1998 Drew Barrymore film Ever After. If you’ll recall, Drew’s beautiful, feisty, smart Cinderella character is named DANIELLE. My brain short circuited. TOO. GIRLY. My name is Danielle Elise. My parents have differing stories as to its origins. My dad claims thatContinue reading “what’s in a name?”