on halloween costumes

Childhood. Oh, a Disney princess. Fucking every year. No shame, Disney princesses are great. Adolescence. I vividly remember this one Halloween- I think I was 13?- when I decided I HAD TO BE SEXY. A SEXY WITCH. Fuck, how gross is it that 13-year-olds ever feel like they need to be sexy for any reasonContinue reading “on halloween costumes”

the queer kid power of nicknames

In high school drama, my nickname was “Hero.” I didn’t really earn it in any meaningful way. Our teacher called attendance that first morning of ninth grade with the instructions: “And if you want to be called by another name… if you want to be, I don’t know, Hero or something…” So, when he calledContinue reading “the queer kid power of nicknames”

july bi, bi, non-bi: here we go again

(I never know if this thing is a declaration or a confessional.) (What I might say to you:) Bi #1: Let me get you caught up. In 2016, I was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. I have to remind myself all the time that it is an Illness, and not aContinue reading “july bi, bi, non-bi: here we go again”

most good things about me came from sailor moon

HERE’S THE NERDIEST THING ABOUT ME: (PROBABLY.) The first time I wrote for the consumption of the Internet was back when I was in either middle school or high school. I had two published short stories and two published poems on a Sailor Moon fan site. YEAH. I WROTE SAILOR MOON FAN POETRY, AND I CANNOTContinue reading “most good things about me came from sailor moon”

happy birthday, good omens

Because it feels like the end of the world a lot, here in my head. (Forgive me this start. I find myself desperate to write something today. Something Good. Something Meaningful.) I turned 30 years old on May 31, 2019. The summer that followed was among the harder ones of my life. It’s always hardContinue reading “happy birthday, good omens”

bi, bi, non-bi: the april b-side

(I am lucky enough to have a monthly segment with The Come Up Show Atl. It’s called “bi, bi, non-bi,” and is basically a check-in of where I’m at in my bipolar, bisexual (?!), non-binary adventures. What follows is the piece I didn’t read at April’s show. Thanks for being here.) Hey! I made youContinue reading “bi, bi, non-bi: the april b-side”

why didn’t i know?, or a brief study in neil perry

Why do the things that mean the most to us as kids mean the most to us? (I have a lot of questions lately.) It’s all some grand tapestry of a conspiracy, of DESTINY in my mind: Walt Whitman and I, each coming into the world many May 31’s a part. I don’t have courageContinue reading “why didn’t i know?, or a brief study in neil perry”

the suggestion of flannel, or: snapshot of a maybe-lesbian

Today a woman in a bow tie touched me on the arm as she walked past me, and I was thrilled, because I wondered, “Oh, snap. Does she know?” And thought secondarily: “WHAT A FUCKING RELIEF.” Here is the evidence. Myself, me, February 2, 2020: An inventory. (Sorry in advance, Shakespeare.) Item: One head ofContinue reading “the suggestion of flannel, or: snapshot of a maybe-lesbian”

bi, bi, non-bi: january woes, or the one with ALL THE PROFANITY

CW: This piece deals with self-harm and just general being a mess. If that isn’t your heart’s jam right now, I understand if you need to go take a break. Greetings, fellow cool kids. My name is Dani, and I am bipolar, bisexual, and non-binary, aka bi, bi, non-bi. These are my adventures. Prologue: Y’all,Continue reading “bi, bi, non-bi: january woes, or the one with ALL THE PROFANITY”