i used to run (have i already used that title? probably)

So, I had a panic attack in the parking lot of the Big Peach Running Co. today. I felt it bubbling all day, grinding and scraping away at my bones, my stomach lining, my fucking scalp. I feel so fucking angry. I want to cry, punch someone, and drink a milkshake, order negotiable. So, IContinue reading “i used to run (have i already used that title? probably)”

i have often dreamed…

So, runDisney is officially moving the 2021 Walt Disney World Marathon to a virtual event, which, yeah, is the correct choice. And I have the option to get my money back and all good things. But, honestly, I’m pretty gutted. Which is weird, because I haven’t been running. I was supposed to re-start my trainingContinue reading “i have often dreamed…”

these are your first steps (again)

Hey, remember that time I was supposed to be training for my first marathon? Yeah. So, here’s the thing: I’m still sad. As I’ve mentioned before, I really thought I’d be “fine” by June, the starting month of my original training plan. But I wasn’t. And I’m still kind of not? But I am better.Continue reading “these are your first steps (again)”

so, i signed up for another half-marathon, or: on not apologizing for our bodies

Years ago, when I was just a wee Apprentice Company member of the theatre where I work, an Alexander technique teacher spent five minutes with me and then told me that I “walked like an apology.” When she said it, the other baby apprentice in the room and I both immediately started to cry.  Recently,Continue reading “so, i signed up for another half-marathon, or: on not apologizing for our bodies”

i ran a half-marathon: the fireworks spectacular epilogue

My parents took me to Disney World for the first time when I was just shy of two years old. My favorite story from that trip is of when they bought a popcorn for us to “share.” Yeah, right. I beckoned for the popcorn box, and, “Oh, how cute,” my parents must have thought. TheContinue reading “i ran a half-marathon: the fireworks spectacular epilogue”

another rundisney list for ya, nerds!

TEAM. THIS IS IT. I have one more training run tomorrow evening, and then the next time I lace up my sneakers, it’ll be at 3 am outside of the Magic Kingdom. The Star Wars Rival Run Half Marathon is this Sunday! I’ve logged a lot of miles, shivering and sniffling and sweating and everythingContinue reading “another rundisney list for ya, nerds!”

in which our intrepid heroine rambles on about theatre and running. again.

Good news, nerds! runDisney just published the Digital Event Guide for the Star Wars Rival Run Weekend. SOMETHING NEW TO MEMORIZE YAY. The fact that’s the most deeply burned into my brain regarding logistics for the Sunday morning half marathon? The fact that runners are encouraged to be bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and all-aboard official event transportationContinue reading “in which our intrepid heroine rambles on about theatre and running. again.”

more adventures in running: dealing with anxiety and remembering my star wars motivations

We still don’t know anything about my partner’s grad school situation, and I’m living in a worry-bubble. If you know me in real life, you’ve probably noticed that I only ever talk about two things lately: worrying about grad school or training for my half-marathon. Obsessing over the half-marathon is absolutely more pleasant than frettingContinue reading “more adventures in running: dealing with anxiety and remembering my star wars motivations”

oh, snap. am i kind of in love with running?

Guys, I know that running is awful, but I super recommend training for a half-marathon. I’m pretty depressed and anxious right now, and my brain is very nearly drowning in worries about money, food, my job, whether or not we’re moving to Pittsburgh, whether or not anyone can tell that my pants are falling offContinue reading “oh, snap. am i kind of in love with running?”

running and rocking and rolling

Well, I’m running down the road Trying to loosen my load In 2019, I’m running a half-marathon. Alongside my parents and one of my best friends, I am officially signed up for April’s Star Wars Rival Run at Walt Disney World. I’m so excited I can barely stand it. I haven’t been to Disney WorldContinue reading “running and rocking and rolling”