“our weakness past compare.”

It’s my favorite line in The Taming of the Shrew, and one of the only ones that made doing that damn big speech okay each and every night. Our strength as weak, our weakness past compare (Like, fuck you, Shakespeare, but also I just cannot bring myself to hate this play entirely. Sorry?)* I am a softContinue reading ““our weakness past compare.””

running and rocking and rolling

Well, I’m running down the road Trying to loosen my load In 2019, I’m running a half-marathon. Alongside my parents and one of my best friends, I am officially signed up for April’s Star Wars Rival Run at Walt Disney World. I’m so excited I can barely stand it. I haven’t been to Disney WorldContinue reading “running and rocking and rolling”

one girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure, or “hakuna mozzarella”

TW: Self-harm. In the back half of 2011, I was 21, super depressed, sleeping on a mattress without a bed frame, and waiting tables at the local Taco Mac to support my Shakespeare habit. So, this one time, I ate a mozzarella stick from a trash can. It must have been a slower shift atContinue reading “one girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure, or “hakuna mozzarella””

moar coffee pics, plz

Yesterday on the #2 bus, two older dudes sitting behind me started talking about social media. “I don’t get it. People make all these posts, and it’s like… who gives a shit?” All the typical curmudgeonly points were hit. I hung on their every word, hoping to overhear a particularly dumb morsel of opinion thatContinue reading “moar coffee pics, plz”

adventures in self-care, vol 1.

Yesterday I took myself out on a date. Nice Voice waltzed into the room out of nowhere, all dashing and electric. “Darling!” She cried. “Put on something nice. I’m going to take you out for an afternoon on the town!” When Nice Voice rolls into town, she’s pretty hard to resist. She’s just so… well,Continue reading “adventures in self-care, vol 1.”