radical acceptance and spider-man

At my last full-time job, one of my dearest co-workers and I used to spend HOURS debating whom everyone on our goofy little staff was within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And guys, it mattered SO MUCH TO ME. While my friend Andy was inarguably Iron Man from day one, my MCU role was always inContinue reading “radical acceptance and spider-man”

i still don’t know what “turn off the dark” means, though

You can change your mind But you cannot change your heart Your heart knows what you’re hiding Your heart knows where you are I was in about one of the darkest places mentally that I’ve ever been in the night that I saw Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway. First of all: oh, that’sContinue reading “i still don’t know what “turn off the dark” means, though”