what it might have been like:

I am thinking tonight of my summer at the Governor’s Honors Program. Thinking of how we all spent Field Day sitting together under a tree, talking about movies and about poetry. I am thinking of how sincerely I loved you and how differently it could have been if I’d known. “Daniel,” I might have introducedContinue reading “what it might have been like:”

leaving hogwarts

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of John Williams’ music for the Harry Potter movies, specifically the end track to Sorcerer’s Stone: “Leaving Hogwarts.” (Okay, my sweet fellow Puffs. I know you’re worried and you’re soft, and I love you. Put a snack in your backpack, because it’s time for us to go.) I’m still a bigContinue reading “leaving hogwarts”

but in dreams/i can hear your name, or: kind of a story about lemon cake

5 From this hour I ordain myself loos’d of limits and imaginary lines (Guys, fuck: is this my book?! In which a pretentious cream puff works their way through Whitman’s collected works? Fuck. … Would you buy it?) Alright. Let’s do this again: Fuck, guys. This needs to be it for a while. I needContinue reading “but in dreams/i can hear your name, or: kind of a story about lemon cake”