leaving hogwarts, part II

“Leaving Hogwarts” is still on my Spotify On Repeat playlist right now and damn. Feelings.  (John Williams is our greatest living artist, fight me.) ANYWAY: If I had access just now to a Time Turner, I think I’d just go back as far as July 2007. I would go back to the floor of Border’s,Continue reading “leaving hogwarts, part II”

july bi, bi, non-bi: here we go again

(I never know if this thing is a declaration or a confessional.) (What I might say to you:) Bi #1: Let me get you caught up. In 2016, I was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. I have to remind myself all the time that it is an Illness, and not aContinue reading “july bi, bi, non-bi: here we go again”

and what’s on the other side

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I am thinking about frogs today. And not just Kermit, but we’ll get to him. (Always.) No, I am mostly and vainly thinking of myself for the past nearly seven months. I’ve been saying for a long time that I feel like I’ve been having a months-long panic attack that began on MondayContinue reading “and what’s on the other side”

bi, bi, non-bi: the april b-side

(I am lucky enough to have a monthly segment with The Come Up Show Atl. It’s called “bi, bi, non-bi,” and is basically a check-in of where I’m at in my bipolar, bisexual (?!), non-binary adventures. What follows is the piece I didn’t read at April’s show. Thanks for being here.) Hey! I made youContinue reading “bi, bi, non-bi: the april b-side”

just a little california dreaming

For we cannot tarry here, We must march my darlings, we must bear the brunt of danger, Except we must tarry here a little while longer, mustn’t we? My darlings. Tell me where you’re going next, and Next, please. (Tell me something, anything. You’re still out there, right?) next, I am going to go outside,Continue reading “just a little california dreaming”

but seriously, who will stop the rain (but the asia song this time)

What do you miss? I miss less than I expected, and I hesitate to characterize this thought as “comforting,” but also… I am learning about myself. Learning that, here at nearly 31, I hardly know anything, really. For example, I do not miss waiting on the bus in the rain, do not miss being splatteredContinue reading “but seriously, who will stop the rain (but the asia song this time)”